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General Pump


General Pump products have been industry-tested world-wide for 36 years. General Pump is affiliated with the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure water plunger pumps and accessories. You can rely on General Pump’s wide range of products that fill many niches in the market and cater to customers’ specific needs. You can depend on the flexibility and efficiency of General Pump’s manufacturing and distribution processes.


General Pump offers a variety of pumps, accessory and nozzle models with flows up to 236 GPM and pressures to 22,000 PSI. General Pump has put millions of pumps into various applications over the last 34 years. These pumps are complemented with a broad array of accessories and nozzles to meet specific customer requirements.

Economic Quality

Maintenance and repair of GP pumps and accessories is simple and inexpensive. When you compare the life-cycle cost of GP to others in the market, you will find GP products are the choice for best value. Availability of replacement parts and kits is always a critical issue when choosing a supplier. General Pump is a US based distributor/manufacturer with a full inventory of pumps, accessories, nozzles and repair parts ready for immediate delivery.

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General Pump TSF

General Pump TSF

66 Series - TSF - Features: • Oversized roller bearings • Fully anodized crankcase • ..


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